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Liner Services:

Kingcrown Shipping and Trading, with the good faith and trust of its Principals, stand forward to receive the clients orders to handle the ships on full Liner terms and fulfill the needs and requirements of our Principals..


The Kingcrown Shipping and Trading deals in all sizes: MR, LR-I, LR-II, Aframax, Suezmax and VLCC Tankers. This was done keeping in view the specific constraints of terminals/ports in Southeast India and infrastructural limitations like draft, availability of tankages, length/capacity of jetties, etc. Lighterage operations on the east coasts are also undertaken, to facilitate quick turnaround of Tankers, which otherwise cannot call on ports due to port restrictions/limitations.

Bulk Carriers:

The Kingcrown Shipping and Trading deals in handling the major Bulk Carriers like handy - Handymax and Panamax sizes of vessels which carry a variety of cargoes like iron ore, coal, coke, grain, fertilizer, steel products, plywood, bauxite, etc.

Offshore services:

Kingcrown Shipping and Trading can offer following services: Towing & Anchor handling operations in Offshore. Carriage of men and materials ( fuel oil, gasoil, Lub oil, deck cargo, ship stores, provisions, fresh water, drill water etc. ) between base and offshore installations as well as between Offshore installations. Kingcrown Shipping and Trading also offers Operations, manning, maintenance and Management (O&M) services, Multi Support Vessel Diving Support Vessel Geotechnical Vessel Offshore Supply Vessels.

Chartering Services:

We stress teamwork in everything we do.While individual creativity is always encouraged, we have found that team effort often produces the best results and we are the firm believers of that.

Trading Services:

Kingcrown Shipping and Trading has stepped into cargo trading dealing in Minerals like Iron ore, Bauxite, Coal, Feldspar, Quartz etc. Coming to Agricultural products like Rice, Wheat, Sugar ICUMSA 45.

Kingcrown Shipping and Trading have Black Metal Stone Mines which can produce 1,00,000 metric tons of stone per month in various sizes as per the requirement of the Buyers. Eg: Aggregates, Boulders, Stone sand and Stone chips etc.